Polish export has achieved impressive growth rates over the last several years

Due to relatively low labour costs, favourable Polish zloty exchange rates and high quality of offered products, Polish enterprises have started to perfectly manage even demanding, competitive markets in the Western Europe, North America, Japan, Middle East or Australia.

Undoubtedly, the key trigger for development of the Polish export was Poland’s accession to the European Union, abolishment of regulations and restrictions, and thus easier access to a number of new markets.

澳门新葡亰2229The structure of the Polish export is much diversified. This situation is optimal, since there is no risk of getting dependent on one product or group of goods.

In the food industry, Poland is a significant producer of apples, cherries, raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. A high market share is generated by mushroom export, with Poland being the biggest producer in Europe and the largest exporter in the world. We sell abroad also confectionery, ice-creams, jams, cheese and powdered milk. The range of Polish food in the export market is so large, that it is impossible to list all products.

Poland also exports pork, beef, chicken, duck and goose meat.

澳门新葡亰2229Next domain of the Polish export domain is window joinery. Since 2005, Poland has been a leading exporter in Europe of PCV windows and doors, aluminium and wooden windows and doors. The main importers of Polish doors and windows are Germany, Great Britain and France. Current forecasts show a continuous dynamic growth of export in this sector.

It is worth to mention the cosmetics industry, which share in the export sales has been gradually growing year by year. Skin care and hair care products, perfumes and make-up cosmetics are exported to 130 countries in total.

Clothes and textiles are other sectors that impact the volume of the Polish export. We sell abroad clothing for women and men, such as trousers, jackets, and socks. In particular, the export of female underwear, including erotic underwear has noted high dynamics of growth, with its largest manufacture hub situated nearby Łódź and Białystok.

Another world recognised range of Polish goods are yachts and boats. There are about 1000 companies present in the Polish market of yacht and boat building. Over 95% of their products are exported mainly to Norway, France, Germany, the USA, Holland and Sweden.

When describing the Polish export, we also need to mention the furniture sector, production of vehicles and spare parts, manufacture of machines, steel structures, production of jewellery, ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical sectors, building materials, etc.

Our export market is composed of hundreds if not thousands of sectors and industries. Polish companies make excellent use of time, and by finding niches in new markets or offering good products they take over market share at the expense of their competitors.

Poland’s government has been proactively supporting the growth of the Polish export, both through substantive assistance of such institutions as the International Trading Offices, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Polish Agency of Trade and Investment, the Investor Support Centres, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Association of Polish Exporters, the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Importers, Exporters and Cooperation.

Exporters can also rely on institutions granting financial aid for export, such as the Export Credit Insurance Corporation, the Polish Development Fund or Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.