Nature can surprise you from Filipowski

And while evidence of this is constantly being found around us, some finds confirm it more than any other. An excellent example is the granite found by Mr. Filipowski from Tychy, owner of the Mariusz Filipowski & Syn stone workshop.

History enchanted in stone

This day was supposed to be another normal day at work. Mr. Filipowski was processing huge granite, when he suddenly saw that there was something amazing in its cross-section. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that it was a "reflection", deceptively reminiscent of a human skeleton - extremely accurate, surprising and provoking the question: where did it come from?

The stone comes from the Scandinavian Peninsula and it is probably there that you should look for clues. So far, the unusual granite is waiting for the first specialists who will assess its uniqueness and reveal a bit more about the find. One thing is certain - both Mr. Filipowski and his employees admit that it is a phenomenon that has not happened to them in almost 50 years of activity!

Family business

The company is a family business, operating on the market since 1967. During its 50 years of operation, the Studio has completed hundreds of projects made only of the best types of natural stones - granite and marble from around the world. From the beginning of the company's existence, the priority has been not only the high quality of services provided, but also the innovation of implemented projects. This maxim is reflected in the offer of the Studio, where we can find tombstones, granite fireplaces, as well as tables and tables.